Harvey Chan

In his first educational videos Harvey will share with you how simple it is for you to create creative and fun drawings of faces and the human form with a little help from a photo reference, or simply built from scratch with a basic understanding of structure and the anatomy of the human head.  Learn with a balance of fun and study: the logic of light and dark pattern, and the magic of negative space!

Harvey will walk you through a brand new experience of developing your own way of drawing human portraits with unique character.

Medium: Charcoal, Chalk Pastel, Colored Pencil, Kneaded eraser, and light and toned paper.

Artist Harvey Chan
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Sample Videos

This video is an excerpt from Harvey's full video: Shadow Pattern Man to Female Head

Coming Soon:

Face Demonstration Videos

In his last video Harvey drew a shadow pattern man's face. In this video he turns it into a woman's face while developing it further
In this video Harvey demonstrates how to develop a male face using a simple map of the planes of the face
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