One never knows how life will turn out.  The choices we make, make us who we are today. Sometimes the dream is realized only after several paths and hardships allow it. Matt Miller and Reena Bates are the co-owners of Epiphany Fine Art, incorporated on January 6, 2021. A mutual friend introduced the artistic duo at a Saturday morning workshop which Matt had run for several years. The teacher student relationship became a deep friendship of mutual respect and admiration for the other’s artistic energy. It was not long before the idea of a joint (ad)venture planted its seed and blossomed into Epiphany Fine Art. The original plan was to conduct in-person workshops and classes, but the pandemic forced us to open our doors on a virtual platform.

What are we? We are an on-line membership-based art academy with a staff of professional artists who have filmed instructional videos that comprise the Epiphany Fine Art library. Students who sign up with an artist for a monthly membership get unlimited access to that artist’s videos for a month. In this world of working and schooling from home, we are excited to offer an opportunity to share art on your own time and in your own place.

Matt Miller Artist picture

Matt Miller, Artist

Reena Bates, Artist

Epiphany Fine Art