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“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Picture of artist jeanne Rosier Smith

Jeanne Rosier Smith

Jeanne is a master pastelist with over 30 years of teaching experience. She taught weekly classes for fifteen plus years, and has taught numerous workshops domestically and overseas.

Jeanne Rosier Smith – Pastel
Picture of artist Liz Haywood Sullivan

Liz Haywood- Sullivan

Liz is an Eminent Pastelist and President Emerita of the International Association of Pastel Societies and Master Pastelist at the Pastel Society of America and an award-winning landscape artist.

Liz Haywood-Sullivan – Pastel
Picture of artist Stephanie Birdsall

Stephanie Birdsall

Stephanie is a Master Pastelist at the Pastel Society of America, a Signature Member at the Oil Painters of America, and a member of the Salmagundi Club in NYC. Stephanie is a distinguished workshop instructor soon to be joining us at Epiphany Fine Art.
Stephanie Birdsall – Oil / Pastel
Coming this Spring
Picture of artist Kathy Anderson

Kathy Anderson

Kathy is a Master Signature artist with the OPA, known for her beautiful floral and nature paintings. She is joining Epiphany Fine Art starting with several live demos this year and beginning regular monthly instructional videos late this fall.
Kathy Anderson – Oil
Picture of artist Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Matt is an award winning master artist who loves to teach. Here you will find his ramblings, quick thoughts, teachings, instructions, and demos.

Matt Miller – Oil
Picture of artist Steve Griggs

Steve Griggs

My video lessons begin with the basics of learning to see shapes rather than objects, understanding value and tone, and applying standard watercolor techniques. From there, the lessons build…

Steve Griggs – Watercolor

Picture of artist Ricky Mujica

Ricky Mujica

Ricky is an award winning artist with work in collections all around the world. he has exhibited at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, The Bennington Museum of Art, The Salmagundi Club, the Museum of American Illustration and in the permanent collection of the Portrait Society of America.
Ricky Mujica – Oil
Picture of artist Gavin Glakas

Gavin Glakas

Gavin Glakas is an award winning member of the Portrait Society of America and the Art Renewal Center
Gavin Glakas – Oil
Picture of artist Jonathan McPhilips

Jonathan McPhillips

Jonathan graduated from Connecticut College in 1993 with a Cum Laude Distinction in Fine Art. Jonathan’s artwork has evolved into a plein air or studio celebration of coastal New England.

Jonathan McPhillips – Oil
Picture of artist Jessica Henry Gray

Jessica Henry Gray

Jessica is a master classical impressionist oil painter with over 30 years of teaching experience. She teaches portraiture, painting animals, land/seascape/plein air, and more.

Jessica Henry Gray – Oil, Pencil, Watercolor

Picture of artist Joe Reardon

Welcome To My Homepage

Joe Reardon is a Master Photographer born and raised in Boston, MA. This videos in this library represent fifty plus years of experience in every facet of photography.

Joe Reardon – Photography

Picture of artist Reena Bates

Reena Bates

Reena Bates is a representational artist based in Easton, MA, and is a co-founder of Epiphany Fine Art. She loves to teach and help students explore their creative potential…
Reena Bates – Oil

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