Jeanne’s Materials List

Uart 320 grit paper mounted on foam board*
70% isopropyl alcohol
1” flat watercolor brush for underpainting
Fan brush (thin/delicate is best) for blending, removing
Smaller assorted brushes for brushing off pastel, creating foam holes
Color shapers for blending & edge work (rubber tipped tools)

Here is a list of Jeanne’s favorite pastel brands, which will be used during her demo

In my Hard box – underpainting (also glazing/blending)
Richeson semi-hard

Terry Ludwig (my go-to faves)
Diane Townsend (juicy texture, great grip, fab blues & greens)
Girault (my first full set, luxurious, beautiful, versatile)
Henri Roché ($$$, amazing to work with)
Richeson Handrolled (fantastic value, great quality)
Mount Vision (large, great blues, excellent value)

I drymount my paper using a second-hand drymount press I purchased 10 years ago. If you have one, I recommend trying Mount-Cor, an acid-free foam board with a low-heat adhesive which makes mounting even PastelMat possible.

When not using the press, I mount individual boards with a roll of 3M Positionable Mounting Adhesive (google it for best price). Using the included brayer, it’s simple to cut your board, paper, and adhesive to equal size, affix the adhesive sheet to the board using the brayer, peel off the protective sheet, position your paper, and use the brayer again to adhere to board.

Fixative: I use Fixatif Lascaux. This is a very fine mist fixative. Spray in light layers. Darkening occurs when pastel crystals become saturated or wet. This fixative is fine enough to land without saturating. Spray outdoors, holding work vertically, from a distance of 12”-18”.

Jeanne’s Barebones Plein Air Backpack Kit

• Heilman Designs Minipack box
• Heilman Easel 18”
• Heilman palette tray
• Benro Tripod (mine is an A2690T. Models change all the time. B&H photo is a great online resource. Look at weight capacity, size and weight of tripod when comparing models. My smaller international travel tripod is a Benro FPA001243).
• Portfolio: Eagle Pack-it Shirt organizer, with foamboard and paper stored inside (found on Amazon, varying sizes)
• Small toned sketchbook
• Viewfinder (I like the View Catcher)
• Small bottle alcohol & cup (laundry cap)
• Masking tape
• Pencil case containing: 1” underpainting brush, other brushes, color shaper, 2 white charcoal & 2 charcoal pencils, pencil sharpener
• Bug spray and sunscreen
• Apron & baseball cap
• Wipes

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