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Every artist should be able to have access to top quality instruction regardless of income. On this page you will see the complete collection of sample video instruction modules made available to you free of charge by our teachers so you can better get to know them and experience their teaching style. We strive to provide you with the instruction, quality teaching, and content you will need to grow as an artist.  Please drop us a line to let us know if there is instructional media you would like to see added to our site

Sample Paid Media

This is a sample of many of the paid videos you will have access to once you subscribe to and follow a given artist.  All media for any artist teacher you have subscribed to is free and available to you.  Check out all our artist’s pages and their sample media.  Happy learning!!

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Overtime" presents a portrait of a working boat, captured with the rich textures and nuanced interplay of light that are hallmarks of Jonathan McPhillips' coastal oil paintings. This piece showcases his mastery of maritime subjects, emphasizing the ...
During Jessica's Monthly Question and Answer sessions (free), she offers critiques, answers viewers questions and narrates a painting demonstration. Check out these highlights from a recent Q&A and join her next time on Epiphany Fine Art!
Nothing says majesty and grace like the noble horse. I am excited to share with you a clear simple step-by-step process to capturing a horse head portrait in this video set of three.
Painting the portrait is one of the most challenging disciplines of painting known to artists. In this section of painting portraits, I begin with the foundations of portraiture.
What to do with those snowy but nearly colorless photo references? This sample of Jeanne's demo shows how to convey depth and color to create an atmospheric and moody snow scene.
Join Jonathan as he paints a scene of shellfishing skiffs en plein air in lovely Wickford Rhode Island. The full video is available in Jonathan's ever growing library of educational videos
Jonathan is an accomplished, award winning plein air painter out of Rhode Island. He is a must see for aspiring plein air and seascape studio painters.
This video is an excerpt from Harvey's full video: Shadow Pattern Man to Female Head
Luminosity masks target specific tones in every image. In this sample video I introduce the concept and practical application of editing through luminosity masking via adjustment layers, dodging and painting.
This is a clip from the video below in which we learn to post process a color image with the use of Lightroom, Photoshop, TK7 and Topaz Studio 2. I show you have to create a separate mask for the sky and the ground saving them as channels and making ...
This sample clip is from my Color Fundamentals section below.  This simple exercise using a black and white photo reference shows how deepening our understanding of value can expand our flexibility with color.
This sample clip is from my Color Fundamentals section. Here I look at the vital relationship between color and value, with a challenging color exercise.
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