Day one demo.  This workshop is for the painter looking to enhance their skills while depicting the beautiful scenery of the Epiphany Fine Art Campus in springtime splendor. An inspirational and encouraging environment will be fostered through critique and advice. Individual attention and demonstration will be emphasized. An efficient and loose approach to painting will be demonstrated. Such an approach can lead to exponential growth when working “en plein air”. The basic principles of design, value, and color will be addressed as they apply to the architecture, stone walls, and organic subjects in bloom. The general (but flexible) format will be instructor demonstrations in the mornings, with participants working and receiving individual attention in the afternoon. All mediums are allowed, however, demonstrations will be done in oil colors, and the instruction will be weighted towards that medium. The prevailing goal will be to approach painting as a fulfilling and enjoyable experience…a learning process that allows us to grow as artists and individuals!

Epiphany Fine Art