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Painting portraits may seem a daunting challenge, but I want to show you that it can be managed with the understanding of some essential concepts. In this video I discuss how I go about smiling painting eyes with life and sparkle.
Painting the portrait is one of the most challenging disciplines of painting known to artists. In this section of painting portraits, I begin with the foundations of portraiture. We first discus the skull, and I demonstrate a simple sketch of a skull ...
In this second video lesson of the foundations of portrait painting, I begin the painting of this gentleman by toning the canvas and demonstrate how to use my comparative drawing method to capture his likeness on the canvas.
In this final video of the foundations of portraiture, I will demonstrate the finishing touches of sculpting out the form by using three basic values (light, middle tone and dark) to create the illusion of depth and facial topography.
In this three-part video series, Color and Character, I will carry you through the next stage of portrait painting with working through color mixing! First, we begin with the drawing of our subject. I demonstrate in this first lesson, again the ...
In this second video lesson of the Portrait studies, Color and Character, we delve into the weeds of really looking at mixing color. I explain the use of cool and warm color and I block in the foundation. I also begin to work through the capturing of ...
Wrapping up the final video of this set of three in our Color and Character study, I demonstrate the importance of refining, looking and checking all areas that will need work. Then I isolate passages that need accents, and ask the question, “Did I capture
This delightful three-part series in painting the portrait, I take you on a journey of painting a sweet little girl. This series will focus on using your brushwork to create form, understanding cool and warm in painting portraits while still ...
In this second video of painting this sweet little girl, we take a closer look at refining the form and capturing the look of a child. There are wonderful palette shots demonstrating mixing skin tones. Edge work is also discussed as it pertains to ...
In this final video of panting a young child, we polish up the structure, push the cool and warm vibrancy and finish painting her hair, clothes and develop a simple background that does not distract and enhances the glow of the child.
In this three-part video series, I break down the process of portrait painting as it is more like sculpture than drawing. I want to emphasize the importance of considering facial topography in these videos. This first lesson will cover the likeness ...
The second video lesson in this series about sculpting form will see the portrait come to life more by developing the three main values and building some descriptive form using color and brushwork.
In this final video lesson about sculpting the portrait, we will see this painting come to a close with the addition of some final touches, discussion on paint quality, and using backgrounds to define edges and create atmosphere.
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