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In this video, Jonathan will be painting plein air in Watch Hill, RI. He will discuss the challenges and opportunities that painting outdoors can offer. "Dunes in June" is an organic painting with sand, vegetation and sky. Jonathan will discuss ...
A Painting Recovery Project. In this video I will try to revive an older painting that I had abandoned a while back. I will discuss and show my process for looking at a painting that was never quite complete with a fresh outlook and new ideas.
Join Jonathan in a fun and informative video where he shows you how to use texture and shading to make your paintings pop with depth. See how various brush strokes and value changes can give life to a scene, making it look like you could walk right ...
Overtime" presents a portrait of a working boat, captured with the rich textures and nuanced interplay of light that are hallmarks of Jonathan McPhillips' coastal oil paintings. This piece showcases his mastery of maritime subjects, emphasizing the ...
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