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On this page you will see Epiphany Fine Art’s changing and growing collection of free art videos made available to you free of charge by our teachers. Watch, enjoy, get to know our teachers and experience their teaching style. We strive to provide you with the instruction, quality teaching, and content you will need to grow as an artist.  Please drop us a line to let us know if there is instructional media you would like to see added to our site

Free Art Videos

On our free video page you will fine a few of the many paid videos you will have access to once you subscribe to and follow a given artist.  All media for any artist teacher you have subscribed to is free and available to you.  Check out all our artist’s pages and their sample media.  Happy learning!!

Capturing the beauty of changing trees in reflected water, using photo reference
Our growing group of Epiphany and Newsletter subscribers asked Jessica about converting plein air "studies" into studio paintings, colors of shadows, and more…. In Jessica's demo, she shows how to convey distance between objects in plein air paintings.
This video is from the first couple hours of a live portrait painting workshop I recently gave.  In it I go over some of the basics of painting a portrait from life, how to work with the model, painting from memory, getting the all important first ...
Pour up a cup of coffee or adult beverage, sit back and relax as I demonstrate how to use the sketching techniques, paint delivery systems, and watercolor techniques to create a sketch painting in my sketchbook. This is a real-time sketch painting ...
Color is a powerful tool for the artist. It can create emotion and drama in a painting. In this lesson I talk about the standard palette, warm or cool split compliment palettes, and mixing secondary or tertiary colors to access a full array of color ...
In his last video Harvey drew a shadow pattern man's face. In this video he turns it into a woman's face while developing it further
In this video Harvey demonstrates how to develop a male face using a simple map of the planes of the face
How much do you need to simplify? In this demo, learn to vary the degree of development, with the focal area being most defined.
How much do you need to simplify? In this demo, learn to vary the degree of development, with the focal area being most defined.
In this video I make a case for why I selected the limited palette I currently use, the thoughts that went into the colors on my palette, and how to use the palette to mix the colors you need.
In this video I demonstrate how to use my palette to mix a myriad of colors as needed.
In this video I demonstrate how you can practice mixing and matching colors from your palette at home.
In this video I discuss how to make colorful, visually balanced paintings with a limited palette.  I discuss color mixes, visual surround, value, layout, and much more. This is the edited version of a three hour Zorn Palette video I made that was ...
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