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I open with two short "Special Features." In the first, I discuss scene selection. I had hiked down a beautiful wooded creek with many interesting and beautiful potential subjects. I briefly discuss how I arrived and my decision about what I would ...
In part two, I add the details and textures that will help me arrive at "what I loved" about this view. You are welcome to paint along with me, or find a scene that you love, and enjoy the process of capturing it on canvas
In Part 1, I introduce you to this beautiful, misty river scene. I talk about how I decided on this particular composition, working through a thumbnail sketch that helps guide me throughout the rest of my painting. I finish Part 1 by showing you how ...
Part 2 will show you how to mix and block in colors. I also paint in the starkly beautiful winter tree branches.
In Part 3, I add details to the water and branches and check to be sure I've accomplished my goals for the painting. …and get a visit from a local trout!
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